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Koda My Very Special Dog


He has the softest ears and the warmest coat. Koda our dog is the man. All you have to do is throw a ball an Koda will bring it right back. You will now be Koda’s friend for life.

Do you want someone or something to keep your feet warm at night? Well you’re in luck Koda will do the trick because he lays his big head right on your feet. His big ears will keep your toes warm.

How we met Koda

Koda came from Valerie our breeder after she rescued him from an unsafe living situation. Apparently he was dropped on their front door with a rope around his neck with a note saying: “My daughter was allergic”. Valerie called my mom and asked if we would like another dog in our family and she said yes.

When Koda came home he looked a little weird. His muzzle was very puffy. So we took him to the veterinarians and they said Koda came to us with a one inch by two inches deep cut on his tong. They stitched his tongue up and then sent him home. By the next day Kodas face was back to normal.


Koda also didn’t like his face being touched. We think his previous owners were not very nice and smacked him in the face. We also think they kept Koda in the crate for a very long time. Koda always barked and tried to break out of the crate.  So we couldn’t crate train him.


All about Koda

Koda is a Fox Red Labrador who is one years old.


He is loyal and I like to call him my “little prince”. I’m mean Koda does look like one. Koda is a dog that wants to be number one. When Koda wants to be, he is really loyal and sweet. Koda is a very big teddy bear. Every night when I’m asleep Koda is right there at the end of my bed keeping me warm. Koda is also a really great friend. That’s why he is so special to me.

Mr. Spunky and His Friends book gets a review by Lil’WOOF Reading Club

Well here it is.. the final review of Lil’WOOF Reading Club of Mr. Spunky and His Friends book written by Kelly Preston!

The Lil’WOOF Summer Reading Club had concluded their discussions on Mr. Spunky and His Friends book. David, Stephanie, and Zoey had a collectively thought it was a pleasant book about building friendship among Mr Spunky and his friends.

David’s, Stephanie’s, and Zoey’s review

We all read the book together and thought it was very good. It was a nice story about friendship.We liked all the dogs and how each dog has a special story about them. Stephanie really liked Buffy because the story was close to home. We see a lot of guide dogs in the area being trained, this story had a dog “Miss Sunshine” who needed someone to help her.  We have never thought about a dog being blind and how hard it would be. It helps to have good friends around to keep you safe.

Thank you to Kelly and her friends Buffy, Betty Boop, Carla Mae and Ms. Magoo. We really liked to story and the pictures in the book.  We hope to read another book by you Kelly, perhaps “Real Dogs Don’t Whisper” next!

PS .. Here is Stephanie’s coloring page from your book!

Mr Spunky Color by Stephanie 001

Lil’WOOF Book Club Review of Misadventures of Princess Sydney

Well here it is.. the final review of Lil’WOOF Reading Club of the Misadventures of Princess Sydney by Chris Minich!

The Lil’WOOF Summer Reading Club had concluded their discussions on the Misadventures of Princes Sydney, David, Stephanie, Zoe and Zoey had a very interesting conversation on the overall book and more importantly around the two main characters Sydney and Buddy.


David’s, Stephanie’s, Zoe’s and Zoey’s review

We all liked the “Fluffy Tails” Ed and Al. They were very good friends of Sydney in the end. Ed and Al helped Sydney get out of the hole by bringing Buddy back to save her. We really knew that “Fluffy Tails” were actually rabbits!

It was funny that Buddy called the Antennas AH1 and AH2 when that was really the deer initials. Sydney now thinks that Buddy is pretty smart after all.

We liked that Sydney and Buddy were very different from each other.

David: “Buddy was silly just like every boy”

Stephanie and Zoey: “Sydney is a girlie girl, but she can still handle herself in the forest!”

We knew that stories always have happy endings and that Sydney would be saved in the end. It was really nice that Buddy and the forest friends were the ones who saved them.


Here are some of the pictures we colored in for The Misadventures of Princess Sydney!

Princess Sydney - David 2 Princess Sydney - Stephanie 2B Princess Sydney - Zoe B

We all want to thank Chris Minich for sharing his book with us. We are looking forward to reading the next book about Sydney and Buddy.


David Sydney BookZoe Sydney Book

David                                                       Zoe


Zoey Sydney BookSteph and Princess Sydney Book

Zoey                                                        Stephanie

Lil’WOOF Review of Princess Sydney by Stephanie

I read Princess Sydney and it was very funny!


Sydney’s story and our Jackie’s story are very much the same

I also wanted to share that Sydney’s dad did lots of things like my dad did.  When he first came to the house he would bring mom flowers and Jackie a chew toy.

I also wanted to share that when Sydney’s dad asked the mom to marry him he gave Sydney a stuffed ring. My dad has always said that Jackie was the one he needed to win over or mom wouldn’t have said yes.


My favorite parts in the book were

I really liked that Sydney and Buddy called the rabbit’s fluffy tails.

It was very funny when Sydney spilled flour all over the floor and then tried to hide it but the mom still saw and didn’t really get mad.  Just like when Jackie was a puppy but she tore up a lot of paper it was so messy.

It was a little sad when Sydney got stuck in the bear hole, but everything worked out in the end. That was awesome that Buddy helped Sydney out.

That’s what I liked about the Misadventures Princess Sydney

Here are pictures that I colored in for Sydney and Buddy.

Princess Sydney - Stephanie 2B Princess Sydney - Stephanie 1B


I also wanted to thank Chris and Sydney for being a part of our Lil’Woof reading club. I can’t wait to read your next book.

By: Stephanie        


Reading the Misadventures of Princess Sydney

We are all having fun reading the Misadventures of Princess Sydney .. we thought we would post you some pictures that we have been coloring in about Sydney and Buddy.

Here are some of our comments:

Stephanie “I think its pretty neat that Sydney starts with an S just like my name does.  “S&S” ”

David and Michael like Buddy. “We think Sydney is just being a girl and Buddy is just being a boy.”

Zoe and Stephanie: “We think Sydney and Buddy are like Miya and Meesha. Miya is like Sydney a girlie girl. Meesha is like Buddy a brut! ”

Here are some of of the pictures we colored in for Chris and Janelle.


  Princess Sydney - Stephanie 1B Princess Sydney - Zoe B Princess Sydney - Stephanie 2B Princess Sydney - David 2Kids and Dogs literature



Lil’Woof Corner Kids and Dogs Book Review of “The Daily Rounds of the Hound Series”

The Daily Rounds of the Hound Series

Our little group read the two stories of Molly Malone a wonderful kids and dogs book. The story is about a very pretty red, tan and white dog that came from a shelter with her nine little puppies. Here is what David, Stephanie and Zoe thought of the two books.


The Daily Rounds of a Hound

We all really liked the book about Molly. We liked how the book rhymed, “It sounded like a poem”. We thought the pictures in the book described what the page was about. We learned a bit more about shelter dogs. That every dog no matter where they come from or what kind of dog they are has their own story to tell. We think that little kids would really like this book, maybe for a SK or Grade 1 class.


Molly and the Bully

We were so surprised that the bully in the book was a little Chihuahua. You always expect the bully to be bigger than you. We liked how the book was about friendship. That anybody can be friends no matter where they come from. Charlee thought she was better than Patches, which wasn’t very fair. Charlee was very mean to Patches, but in the end Patches helped Charlee understand that they could all be friends.  There is a lot of bad stories about Pit Bulls, so it was nice to see something written about the Pit Bull that was nice. This book didn’t rhyme as much as the first book.  The pictures were very nice and told the story of the page; we really liked the special text bubbles. We also think that little kids would really like this book, as well for a SK or Grade 1 class. We think that a teacher should read this story to a class, since the moral of the story is a good one.


Overall, we liked the book “The Daily Rounds of the Hound” a little better, but that’s because it was a happier story all the way through the book.

Thank you Molly and Ed for allowing us to read your kids and dogs books series The Daily Rounds of the Hound! We look forward to reading more stories about Molly and her puppies.

David, Stephanie and Zoe


David Molly Book Stephanie and Zoe reading The Rounds of the Daily Hound July 13

Lil’ WOOF Corner Summer Reading Program for Kids and Pets

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Hey kids do you have a pet? Or do you just like dogs? Want to read more about dogs or other pets?

We are sniffing out great book titles and looking for some avid pup readers! This is all about you the kids and pets!

WOOF Now What is holding a Lil’ WOOF Corner summer reading program.

If you are between the ages of 6 to 10 years old and want to read a book and give us your paws up or down on it, please have your parents use the form below to submit your information for the Lil’WOOF Reading Program.

We have special guest authors that are looking to know what “you” think about what they wrote.

Our howling great Lil’ Woof reading program begins when school is out which will be at the beginning of July. So get your names in as soon as you can.

Also, have a book you just read about pets and kids that you loved, tell us about it and we will get your personal review on our site.

Your name will be put in for a Doggie Book Prize Pack you can take away at the end of summer!!!

Just make sure you have your parents/guardians approval since when you submit your story, you are of age to grant WOOF Now What rights to publish the story, which could include a picture of you (the child reviewer) or your pet or you and your pet  and your information on the WOOF Now What website.

Looking forward to reading your re-voooooohhhs!!!

Hey Parents

Helping your children enjoy reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent and its well worth the investment of your time. The Lil’ WOOF Summer Reading Program runs from July 6 to August 28. We have books in e-format that have been provided by authors. We are also looking for your child’s favorite books that are about kids and pets, they don’t necessarily have to be about dogs.

All we require is your child’s and your information to get in touch with you in the form below to and we will provide all the details on how the program will work.

Sign up today!

I like the book ‘ Henry Says, “Hello” ‘

Dear Sara thank you for the book.

I really liked Henry’s adventures with Reese.

In Henry’s tips to say hello I leaned a lot and also in the story with the yellow ribbon dog.

From your friend Stephanie.


I would suggest that other kids would like to read this book and learn from it. Stephanie

If you have a book that you would like me read please let me know. I would be happy to add it my kids book reviews of Lil’ Woof Corner.

Meesha’s first new years

It was New Years Eve and everyone was having lots of fun.  We spent the evening dressing up Meesha with all sorts of funny hats.  She looked good in all of them, but didn’t like wearing any of them.  We also watched a good movie while the dogs played together.

Meesha was having fun but she didn’t know what was going on, it was her first new years eve.  As it got closer to midnight and we started doing the countdown.  Meesha was wearing a funny pointy hat and I was wearing a Happy New Year hat to.

When it was midnight Meesha was getting very excited when she heard the fireworks on TV and outside.  Everyone gave each other hugs and kisses. Then we all went to bed.

Happy new year to everyone!

By Stephanie

Meesha’s First Winter

Hi it’s Stephanie and I’m going to tell you about Meesha’s first snow fall.  Meesha is now 5 months old. When Meesha woke up one day she saw snow she went down stairs and barked at the door.  I ran downstairs and let her outside. Meesha loves the snow.

I call Meesha a snow dog because she loves the snow. When Meesha goes outside in the snow she runs around the backyard then she jumps on Miya. When Meesha is ready to come inside she barks at the door. When I go out side with Meesha she jumps on me and then we play. I have a lot of fun with Meesha.

By Stephanie