Meesha’s First Winter

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Hi it’s Stephanie and I’m going to tell you about Meesha’s first snow fall.  Meesha is now 5 months old. When Meesha woke up one day she saw snow she went down stairs and barked at the door.  I ran downstairs and let her outside. Meesha loves the snow.

I call Meesha a snow dog because she loves the snow. When Meesha goes outside in the snow she runs around the backyard then she jumps on Miya. When Meesha is ready to come inside she barks at the door. When I go out side with Meesha she jumps on me and then we play. I have a lot of fun with Meesha.

By Stephanie

About Stephanie

Stephanie lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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  1. Laila

    I liked your story and the picture with you, Meesha and Miya. My dog’s name is Prancer (like the reindeer). He is a black miniature Poodle. Prancer is sixteen. In human years he is eighty. He still loves to play though and he loves the snow too.

    • Liz

      Hi Laila
      Stephanie appreciated your comment.

      Would you like to tell your story about Prancer. I’m sure he is very cute. Follow our link on Lil’Woof corner to submit your story


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