WOOF Now What, was created to:

  • help to answer the questions about puppies, living with your dog and taking great care of your senior dogs.
  • help current or prospective dog owners with engaging and thought provoking doggies tails and wags.
  • offer a central place where products and services for you and your pet are defined and rated.

Owning any kind of pet can be very demanding, but the rewards are priceless. Your dog will provide you unconditional love and our aim is for you as dog owner provide the same back.

With the help of my three four-legged friends:

Jackie 2013 Jackie my golden 13 year old girl who’s an old soul with a beautiful spirit.
Miya 2013 Miya my 3 year old sweet heart who is always very thoughtful and gentle.
Meesha Sept 2014 Meesha my 14 week old mischievous, intelligent, and playful puppy.

My mission for WOOF Now What is:

  • “To provide the most concise dog information website each dog owner or prospective owner needs.
  • To ensure an engaging thought provoking website for pet owners whether they be children, teens, adults or seniors  and their four-legged best friends for life!
  • To help facilitate dog talk amongst dog lovers”

Pet owners will gather firsthand knowledge and experience on how wonderful it is owning a pet.  A wide range of topics will be discussed through engaging and enlightened “tails”, as well as, the trials and tribulations of dog ownership. It will specifically address things you need to know about pet ownership, from bringing the dog home to living a long happy life with your pet.

The dog products and services page of the site will provide information on anything from groomers, trainers, dog walkers, play centers, dog art, veterinarians, and more. Our focus is to provide a central site through feedback and ratings to help guide you as a dog owner to finding the right dog service that will fit your family where you live.

We have a Lil’Woof corner where kids and dogs come together. Here children can write about their life with their pet. Not only will this help in giving parents (adults) an insight into what kids are thinking, but also allows the child to express how they feel about their pet. Being a parent myself this also helps to develop writing skills.

Dog of the month is just that. Here you wag your own tail about the perfect four legged family member you have!

In the end my vision for WOOF Now what web site is to become recognized the go to place for pet owners and industry providers in the pet sector, by providing knowledge on pet ownership, bringing owners and business together for the products, services and information most needed and requested.

I personally want to acknowledge and thank the development team of Design and Develop.  Without the help of Opal and Paul, who are very creative, dynamic and dog lovers themselves.  Their innovation has placed WOOF Now What miles ahead of where I thought we would be.


Liz – your host and dog owner