Koda My Very Special Dog
My new family member

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He has the softest ears and the warmest coat. Koda our dog is the man. All you have to do is throw a ball an Koda will bring it right back. You will now be Koda’s friend for life.

Do you want someone or something to keep your feet warm at night? Well you’re in luck Koda will do the trick because he lays his big head right on your feet. His big ears will keep your toes warm.

How we met Koda

Koda came from Valerie our breeder after she rescued him from an unsafe living situation. Apparently he was dropped on their front door with a rope around his neck with a note saying: “My daughter was allergic”. Valerie called my mom and asked if we would like another dog in our family and she said yes.

When Koda came home he looked a little weird. His muzzle was very puffy. So we took him to the veterinarians and they said Koda came to us with a one inch by two inches deep cut on his tong. They stitched his tongue up and then sent him home. By the next day Kodas face was back to normal.


Koda also didn’t like his face being touched. We think his previous owners were not very nice and smacked him in the face. We also think they kept Koda in the crate for a very long time. Koda always barked and tried to break out of the crate.  So we couldn’t crate train him.


All about Koda

Koda is a Fox Red Labrador who is one years old.


He is loyal and I like to call him my “little prince”. I’m mean Koda does look like one. Koda is a dog that wants to be number one. When Koda wants to be, he is really loyal and sweet. Koda is a very big teddy bear. Every night when I’m asleep Koda is right there at the end of my bed keeping me warm. Koda is also a really great friend. That’s why he is so special to me.



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