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As a life-long dog parent and enthusiast, I can’t get enough of all things doggie! My love of dogs and passion to educate and share solutions with other dog owners, is essentially how this site came to be. With the help of my three dogs I will provide engaging ‘tails’ and real life-lessons learned on dog ownership.

Sophii’s Choice – Field to Bowl Barkery

We were lucky to have Sophii and her human chef Anne send us some pawsitively yummy dog treats! It started off with a wonderful letter to myself and the Brood! The Brood is Miya, Meesha and Koda.

We opened the box to find all kind of lovely things that included treats of varying size, some delicious stew and fur care items. We decided to tackle, literally, the treats first.

Here are a few pictures of our start:







As you can see Koda is the first to investigate.



Meesha is helping me to set up. She is always very helpful that way.








Then tussle for the treats begins with Miya and Koda!









We started with the Dog-Nut Holes which were made with pumpkin, apples and gluten free oats. The size for these treats and the Sourdough Pup-Pretzels which are made of carrot juice, flax, olive oil and whole wheat sourdough were a good size for these Labradors. Every dog was putting up high four-paws for more!

Sophii also gave her new found denmate friends little Beef Stew Milk, Kefir  bones. We had to be a little more careful not to do our usual inhale of food with these ones. We have other doggie friends we are going to share these treats with.  They will find this size a perfect bite for them.

Then came the Cheese Chompers.. Yummy. I like these since they are especially good for the dogs skin, coat and immune system. With these three Labradors always playing outside and eating whatever they can these will definitely come in handy.

Overall the gang of always hungry Labrador dogs gave Sophii’s Choice treats a pawsitive paw up!  Here is a link to Sophii’s website for you to try these great treats.

This is a picture of our new doggie friend Sophii, isn’t she so cute!  Sophii, Koda sends you a message “Woof more treats please!”


Stay tuned for more reviews since we also got some yummy stew to try!

Not too mention when it starts to get colder outside and the all natural Sophii’s Soft Paws balm will be coming in handy on their paws.







Koda My Very Special Dog


He has the softest ears and the warmest coat. Koda our dog is the man. All you have to do is throw a ball an Koda will bring it right back. You will now be Koda’s friend for life.

Do you want someone or something to keep your feet warm at night? Well you’re in luck Koda will do the trick because he lays his big head right on your feet. His big ears will keep your toes warm.

How we met Koda

Koda came from Valerie our breeder after she rescued him from an unsafe living situation. Apparently he was dropped on their front door with a rope around his neck with a note saying: “My daughter was allergic”. Valerie called my mom and asked if we would like another dog in our family and she said yes.

When Koda came home he looked a little weird. His muzzle was very puffy. So we took him to the veterinarians and they said Koda came to us with a one inch by two inches deep cut on his tong. They stitched his tongue up and then sent him home. By the next day Kodas face was back to normal.


Koda also didn’t like his face being touched. We think his previous owners were not very nice and smacked him in the face. We also think they kept Koda in the crate for a very long time. Koda always barked and tried to break out of the crate.  So we couldn’t crate train him.


All about Koda

Koda is a Fox Red Labrador who is one years old.


He is loyal and I like to call him my “little prince”. I’m mean Koda does look like one. Koda is a dog that wants to be number one. When Koda wants to be, he is really loyal and sweet. Koda is a very big teddy bear. Every night when I’m asleep Koda is right there at the end of my bed keeping me warm. Koda is also a really great friend. That’s why he is so special to me.


Bear is a rescue dog. He spent the first year of his life at the end of a chain and found himself in the wonderful hands of ANML RESQ. I saw his picture on their website and knew he was meant for us. He had a long journey from New Brunswick to Ottawa to Burlington where he now lives. He has not let his poor upbringing stand in his way of becoming a fantastic dog. He has completed grade 2 of dog school and loves everyone he meets. He is our gentle giant. He enjoys daily walks at Bronte Provincial Park and lots of belly rubs. We are honoured to give him his happy ending.


Meet Bear our December and Holiday 2016 Dog of the month!


Koda is our newest member to the WOOF Now What family. He came to us at the age of 10 months old. He is a Fox Red Labrador Retriever.

Koda came with a few issues, but has been able to come out of his shell… as of now that’s an under statement. There is no getting in the way when he wants to run and play with out a care  with his big sisters Miya and Meesha!

Big sister Miya and Meesha have a lot of fun with him Especially Meesha since as any big sister loves to correct him when she can.

Koda has become my husbands shadow. As my husband says, its nice to not be the only male in the family.

Meet Koda.. he turns 1 on August 13! Happy early birthday and being our August dog of the month!

You will read more about Koda in story about how we worked with him to bring him around to be more sociable and a big caring puppy!


Koda and Meesha Playing 8 11 2016 Here is Koda and Meesha playing in the yard.


Rumplepimple is our July Dog of the Month. He has been one of our favorite dog’s in our Lil’WOOF Corner reading program. We think he is the perfect dog for the month of July to help us celebrate both Canada Day (July 1st) for our Canadian readers  and July 4th for our dear friends in the USA.

Here is what Diane has to say about Rumplepimple:

Rumplepimple loves everyone. He has been a brother to several foster.dogs and is kind to them all. We love watching him children, especially at book readings. He absorbs the attention and gives love back. He has spent time visiting elderly in a nursing home and is very gentle with them too. He seems to understand who his audience is and loves them all. Playing and running zoomies with the children and sitting gently with seniors. He is unique and very special. We love him and so do many other people.


Meet Toffee she is our newest and smallest member to the WOOF Now What den of dogs.  We see Toffee a lot these days. It’s very hard to walk by with out seeing her wiggle you just have to stop and pat her!

Jacquie family says: “To our family, Toffee is the most awesome puppy in the world, and then some!”


We had to post two pictures of this little ball of fur who is our June dog of the month!

Toffee 2


My kids wanted to get a dog for as long as I remember. I have two boys and a girl. So we finally decided on a Havanese since this breed comes from the Bichon we were hoping that there would be no allergy issues with our choice. Now the kids wanted a dog to bond and play with. Since Havanese are very people/kid-oriented dogs, Rosie loves snuggling in laps and plenty of cuddle time. This little dog seemed like the right choice for us. We got Rosie as puppy and have been very happy that she joined our family. She has lived up to everything we wanted in a dog and more.


Rosie is a Havanese and is our May dog of the month. We know Rosie, since she is a friend of Miya and Meesha’s. Ever since she came into Shirley’s family home this little bundle of joy is always very happy. We always see the kids walking and playing with her. Rosie is always ready to greet everyone with her little wiggling fluffy body. What’s not to like about Rosie!


Nancy and I have been long time friends. She moved out to Nova Scotia a number of years ago with her cats. Nancy now has a dog and is nominating him for dog of the month. Here is Roch’s story a definite member of the WOOF Now What den and Miya & Meesha’s new friend. Can’t wait to visit Nova Scotia one day soon.

My dog’s name was Rocky when I got him 6 years ago in the month of December. He turned one on December 24th, just a few days later. So his birthday the 24th, mine is the 25th and our neighbour Cosie’s is the 26th. Cosie’s mom reminds me of this every December. Any way I know you’ll appreciate why I changed the spelling of my dog’s name to Roch (Roch is also an old friend of WOOF Now What). Brings back lots of memories of Toronto and the work place!!!!!

By the way we just came in from the morning run. Instead of the dry trail he decided it would be much more fun to tear up and down through the recently ploughed corn fields. He is covered in dripping brown mud. Disappointment for him – he didn’t catch the coyote he was trailing.