From the beginning dogs were a part of my life

Liz and Jackie

Ever since I can remember I wanted to own a dog. Actually truth to be told I was the kid that brought everything furry home. This included but not limited to a baby ground hog, hurt squirrel, rabbits and cats/kittens.  My mom wasn’t always thrilled, but she never said no. However dogs, any kind of dogs, are my passion and part of my soul. I think if there is another life I either was a dog or in the next life will become a dog!

My first dog was a Pekinese, called Mickey. She was the family pet with an attitude. After Mickey passed away I was relentless on wanting another dog so my dad finally agreed, with the stipulation for a “small” dog. Then Tiya came. Tiya was a mix of Collie. All her sisters and brothers looked like a collies except for Tiya. We called her Moose for the first while because she was so big and bossy!

Jackie is where WOOF Now What started

My first love of my life named Jackie came to me 13 years ago.  You can read about Jackie in her own stories within the blog.  Jackie is the basis for this web site due to all the ailments she has had not too mention all the ailments she is still living with.  Ever since Jackie was two years old, it seemed something would always happen to her. She ate a T-bone steak bone which lodged in her stomach and almost required extensive surgery. She tore her cruciate ligament in both her hind legs a number of times so that we finally had to replace one of her knees with a plate. She has had very bad skin allergies and as she has aged, she has out grown many of them. She fought with hornets a number of times, to loose the battle and get stingers stuck all over her snout.  These are just some highlights of the stories of Jackie.  She has led quite an eventful life and spent a lot of time at the vet’s!


As she got older we started water therapy for her legs and mobility issues, since she has severe arthritis. To get in and out of our truck, we purchased a ramp to make things easier for. She recently was selected for a trial of laser therapy to reduce inflammation of joints as well as to increase spinal fluid to her back legs. Jackie is pretty much off all pain medication due to laser therapy. She has other issues now such as cushing’s disease and IBD, but this great dog still wags her tail, loves everyone and shows no real big signs of acting her human age of 90plus.  I have had many people calling me to talk about Jackie and how the two of us have dealt with many of her issues. As well as, my thoughts for the product and services we have used. One specific and repeating question has been ‘why I didn’t get pet insurance for Jackie’. That is a big lesson learned, so much so that Miya and Meesha have their own plans!

My family now

My current family consists of six, including me. My husband Richard, my daughter Stephanie (who’s my inspiration for Lil’ WOOF corner) and my four-legged girls Jackie, Miya and Meesha. Each of the dogs has their own unique personality.  They may share traits of a Labrador, but that is where the similarities end. Read engaging stories of Jackie, Miya and Meesha in their dog blogs.

Why I chose to create WOOF Now What

Over the years I’ve been using the web to find helpful tips, reviews of dog food and products. However I couldn’t quite find one site that gave me a place to find most if not all of the answers to my questions. There are sites specific to breed types, dog food, products and veterinarian advice. So I began to collect my own information of dog-related items (I.e. services, products, tips and tricks). This then had more and more dog owners coming to me to ask my view on things and requesting me to provide recommendations.  So I thought why not create a place where you can find answers to

  • Hey, I just got a dog! Now what do I do now?
  • I need all these dog services. Where can I find reputable ones close to home?
  • I need puppy training. Can you recommend someone?
  • My dog is sick. Is there a Vet you trust and recommend?

WOOF Now What?  is my vision of a go to web site for everything doggie. When you are wondering what to do next and need an answer to “now what?” I truly hope you will make Woof now What? your online destination for yourself and your dog. So let’s begin and keep the conversations going on providing the best care, love and quality of life for our pets.

Cheers… WOOF


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