Dog of the Month | January 2016
Milou (fr: Snowy)
A special name for a special dog

Age: 1

Lives in: Mississauga, Ontario

Breed: Bichon poodle

Special Traits: He is very loving and caring

Here's what John and his daughter Jaclyn says about Milou

Milou only 11 months old has alot to take care of with a 4,10 and 13 year old girls to have fun with him. He has alot of company especially on the weekends. His story is starting off at a house for 14 weeks then the 3 girls get to vist this dog and convince thier dad to get him. As we drive him home we are all thinking of a name and “boom” Milou comes to their head. Therefore they bring him home and they lived happily ever after even though there mom was still getting used to a dog.


We met Milou and his family. I always like hearing about families pick a pets name and this story was very close to our Miya’s. John (the girls father)  told me the story of how the girls and him thought up Miilou’s name. Milou is a character in the “The Adventures of Tin Tin “. You see ” Snowy ” the french translation is “Milou” was a dear friend of Tin Tin’s. And just as Milou never leaves Tin Tin’s side, neither does our dog of the month leave the girls side.

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