Dog of the Month | May 2016
A spirited Havanese

Age: 4

Lives in: Toronto, Ontario

Breed: Havanese

Special Traits: Sweet, adorable and great with our family

Here's what Shirley Chan says about Rosie

My kids wanted to get a dog for as long as I remember. I have two boys and a girl. So we finally decided on a Havanese since this breed comes from the Bichon we were hoping that there would be no allergy issues with our choice. Now the kids wanted a dog to bond and play with. Since Havanese are very people/kid-oriented dogs, Rosie loves snuggling in laps and plenty of cuddle time. This little dog seemed like the right choice for us. We got Rosie as puppy and have been very happy that she joined our family. She has lived up to everything we wanted in a dog and more.


Rosie is a Havanese and is our May dog of the month. We know Rosie, since she is a friend of Miya and Meesha’s. Ever since she came into Shirley’s family home this little bundle of joy is always very happy. We always see the kids walking and playing with her. Rosie is always ready to greet everyone with her little wiggling fluffy body. What’s not to like about Rosie!

Photo Credit: Shirley Chan

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