Lil’Woof Corner Kids and Dogs Book Review of “The Daily Rounds of the Hound Series”
By David, Stephanie and Zoe

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The Daily Rounds of the Hound Series

Our little group read the two stories of Molly Malone a wonderful kids and dogs book. The story is about a very pretty red, tan and white dog that came from a shelter with her nine little puppies. Here is what David, Stephanie and Zoe thought of the two books.


The Daily Rounds of a Hound

We all really liked the book about Molly. We liked how the book rhymed, “It sounded like a poem”. We thought the pictures in the book described what the page was about. We learned a bit more about shelter dogs. That every dog no matter where they come from or what kind of dog they are has their own story to tell. We think that little kids would really like this book, maybe for a SK or Grade 1 class.


Molly and the Bully

We were so surprised that the bully in the book was a little Chihuahua. You always expect the bully to be bigger than you. We liked how the book was about friendship. That anybody can be friends no matter where they come from. Charlee thought she was better than Patches, which wasn’t very fair. Charlee was very mean to Patches, but in the end Patches helped Charlee understand that they could all be friends.  There is a lot of bad stories about Pit Bulls, so it was nice to see something written about the Pit Bull that was nice. This book didn’t rhyme as much as the first book.  The pictures were very nice and told the story of the page; we really liked the special text bubbles. We also think that little kids would really like this book, as well for a SK or Grade 1 class. We think that a teacher should read this story to a class, since the moral of the story is a good one.


Overall, we liked the book “The Daily Rounds of the Hound” a little better, but that’s because it was a happier story all the way through the book.

Thank you Molly and Ed for allowing us to read your kids and dogs books series The Daily Rounds of the Hound! We look forward to reading more stories about Molly and her puppies.

David, Stephanie and Zoe


David Molly Book Stephanie and Zoe reading The Rounds of the Daily Hound July 13

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