Meesha’s first new years

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It was New Years Eve and everyone was having lots of fun.  We spent the evening dressing up Meesha with all sorts of funny hats.  She looked good in all of them, but didn’t like wearing any of them.  We also watched a good movie while the dogs played together.

Meesha was having fun but she didn’t know what was going on, it was her first new years eve.  As it got closer to midnight and we started doing the countdown.  Meesha was wearing a funny pointy hat and I was wearing a Happy New Year hat to.

When it was midnight Meesha was getting very excited when she heard the fireworks on TV and outside.  Everyone gave each other hugs and kisses. Then we all went to bed.

Happy new year to everyone!

By Stephanie

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Stephanie lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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