Dog of the Month | October 2014

Age: 12

Birthday: April 8, 2002

Lives in: Hamilton, Ontario

Breed: Collie cross

Special Traits: Loyal, Sensitive, Intuitive

Here's what Helen Graham says about Samantha

When my husband passed way almost 4 years ago, my dog Samantha – or Sammy for short – became the heart and soul of my life.

When I grieved she would climb on my lap and kiss the tears from my face. I swear if she could hold a Kleenex, she would have blown my nose. I know she was grieving as much as I was.

At times I was angry because she followed me everywhere and sometimes we would trip over each other in the process. But she was a warm presence that got me through many tough times.

I survived because of my Sammy and that is why I’m nominating her as pet of the month.

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