Pet Insurance from a Dog’s point of view!
Pet insurance helps pay for your pet's unexpected veterinary care.

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As pet owners, we want to provide our dogs with the best possible care, no matter what. However when accidents and illnesses come up unexpectedly, the cost can quickly run in to the hundreds, even thousands of dollars. When Miya got sick our bill was $800 cdn. That wasn’t as bad as Jackie having TPO surgery at $1,500 cdn.

Pet insurance helps you pay your unexpected veterinary bills. With pet insurance you can follow your veterinarian’s recommended course of treatment knowing that your pet will get the best care and your insurance will help provide you with financial peace of mind.

Why you need pet insurance?

As veterinary care becomes more advanced, the costs continue to rise. Pet insurance can help make sure you will always be able to give your dog the best care possible. Statistics show that one in three dogs will need unexpected veterinary care each year. This isn’t just for our senior dogs but for puppies and adult dogs. Puppies get into crazy things and like to chew. That old remote control battery you just removed and can’t find anywhere has wound up a chew toy for your puppy. Your adult pet just ran across the field and tore his ligament. Since you want to make the right decision, pet insurance helps.

How pet insurance works?

When your dog has an accident or a fall, seeing your veterinarian starts the process. First you will get your dog’s tests and recommended treatment to wellness started.  Second, as your bills are being processed by your veterinarian most offices can usually help in filing a claim to your pet insurance. Third, depending on which plan you have for your dog, determines how much you will be reimbursed. Typically reimbursement happens within 10 – 14 days of submitting your completed claim.

What pet insurance product is right for my dog?

When looking at the type of plan you will also look at (a) what is included in the coverage, (b) deductible and (c) cost of the plan. Most pet insurance companies have similar coverage’s and deductibles.  You need to look at what makes the most sense for your family i.e. which plan is easy to use, affordable and helps you gain peace of mind.

The typical pet insurance plan provides essential coverage from diagnostic testing and prescription medications to specialized treatments. Pet insurance offers life-long coverage for all hereditary and chronic conditions. Getting your dog insured at an early age will ensure that each new issue is covered in the long run. Getting your dog insured later in life will most likely not have anything covered that would be counted as a predetermined condition.

What are the top pet insurance companies in Canada?

Cherry Blue Pet Insurance                                                      Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance

PC Insurance (Presidents Choice)**                                       Pet Care Insurance

Per Secure **                                                                          Purina Pet Insurance **

Trupanions (Vet Insurance) **                                                Pet Care-Dogs

What are the top pet insurance companies in United States?

AKC                                                                                        ASPCA

Embrace Pet Insurance **                                                      Healthy Paws  **

Pet First                                                                                 Pet Plan **

Pets Best                                                                               Purinacare

Shelter Care                                                                          Trupanion Pet Insurance **



** Top 4 rated pet insurance companies as of December 31, 2014



In summary decide which pet insurance is the right one for your dog and family.  Just knowing you have pet insurance for your furry family member will be giving you one last thing to worry about when unexpected illnesses or accidents occur.


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