Jackie and the shock she gave our family !!

| | The Golden Years

On January 29 I woke up to an immobile Jackie. Every time she tried to get up she just splayed on all fours. She just wanted to lay down and be left alone. Every time someone came close it was like she couldn’t bear the sight of them and would twist her head so far away. She wouldn’t eat anything and only drank small sips of water. It was completely heart wrenching to see my Jackie in such bad shape. We immediately called our vet Dr. Suzie. What we found out was she had something called “Old Dog” Syndrome or Vestibular Disease. This saved her life!

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Miya gets really sick for the first time with a virus

| | Life With Your Dog

When your pet is really sick, you feel very bad for them. Our Miya woke up one morning vomiting up bile and having severe diarrhea. Her poor little body was shaking and hacking to get out whatever was upsetting her system. She refused to eat her food and even a treat. She just found a quiet place to lie and went to sleep. Miya had contracted Gastroenteritis. Here is one of our dog illnesses post.

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