Dog of the Month | December 2014

Age: 7

Lives in: Georgetown, Ontario

Breed: Karelian Bear Dog

Special Traits: Stubbornness, Intelligence, Loyalty

Here's what Opal Gamble says about Misha

We adopted Misha from the Aurora Humane Society in July 2010. She has always challenged us with her stubbornness and smarts, but she is also the most loyal and loveable dog I have ever had. She keeps our country property protected, mothers the resident felines, and makes sure all family members are accounted for.

She is also an excellent photo model (though it took some convincing to get her to not eat the Santa hat she’s sporting in her dog of the month portrait!)

Everything they say about Karelian Bear Dogs is true: they’re extremely stubborn, independent, and territorial. This breed is definitely not for everyone. However, having reached a partnership with Misha, I think that having a KBD is very rewarding.

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