Dog of the Month | June 2015

Age: 4

Lives in: Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Breed: part cocker spaniel and part poodle

Special Traits: Friendly, playful and loving

Here's what Sheri Bessette says about Hemingway

“Hemi” is a very sweet polite dog. He would never jump on your lap unless invited. He never barks to go out, he simply stares at you till he has your attention. He loves to be invited to go on a trip. Starts running before his feet can catch up with his body. Sort-of a run in place style. We love Hemingway because he is extremely happy all the time and seems to feel it is job to make you feel that way also. He loves every person he mets and always incourages them to pet him. He is quite smart and can sit, beg for a snack and of course shake hands (paw). His purpose seems to please all.

Photo Credit: Sheri Bessette

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