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When creative people come together, interesting things happen. PetPrints 3D began with a combined passion to create beautiful art with incredible technology, and their love of animals became their muse. It started with a few personal pets and gifts of modeled dogs for friends and family. Quickly they realized that they had started something truly unique, and went out into the world as fast as they could. Things began to happen very quickly for them. They started getting calls from people all over the place.

Why they love Dogs?

A lot of people ask PetPrints 3D: “why dogs?” And the answer is fairly simple. Aside from being “man’s best friend”, dogs are the pets that are completely comfortable being themselves and showing their personality…even to complete strangers. They aren’t afraid to ask (or beg) for your attention, get overly excited, or roll around like a big goof… they know you’d never judge them for it.  And they teach you about unconditional love, judgment-free.

PetPrints 3D have meet a lot of dogs at pet shows, through their owners and at other events. The staff have become quite good at figuring out for themselves what that one special trait is of that particular dog.  This then gets confirmed after they have finished interviewing the owner about their pet.
Dogs are definitely the hardest type of pet model to make into a model because every dog is completely drastically different. You may have two identical golden retriever brothers… and even if your friends struggle to tell them apart, you know right away the traits each of them possesses that makes them each totally unique. The way one looks at you longingly, as he waits for you to take him for his morning walk, and the way the other one’s tongue hangs to the side when he waits for you to throw his favourite tennis ball. That ‘essence’ is what PetPrints 3D strives to capture with each and every dog model they create, and they challenge themselves to find that essence.

A Unique Dog Art

PetPrints 3D love the challenge of creating something truly unique, and giving the customer a piece of art that they can personally relate to.  As people seem to be adding more and more fuzzy members to their families every day and as long as dogs remain “man’s best friend,” (or unless miniature Vietnamese pot bellied pigs become the new “it” pet), they’ll be working tirelessly to immortalize your best friends for you.

I will be following PetPrints 3D in a series of posts about this company and how they are going to take my three girls Jackie, Miya and Meesha through the process of capturing and creating memorable art for me.

Photo Credit: PetPrints 3D - Dalmation


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