PetPrints 3D makes unique pieces of dog art
Jackie and Jackie 3D!

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Last year I wrote a post of about an upcoming company called PetPrints 3D . As the holidays begin to approach and as I was reflecting on my late Jackie, I wanted to re-introduce this great company that can build you a unique piece of dog art for you to treasure your four legged best friend. Just so you know WOOFNow What is all about dogs, but PetPrints 3D caters to any kind of pet you might have.

Here is an excerpt from the ” original post ” on how they came to be:

When creative people come together, interesting things happen. PetPrints 3D began with a combined passion to create beautiful art with incredible technology, and their love of animals became their muse. It started with a few personal pets and gifts of modeled dogs for friends and family. Quickly they realized that they had started something truly unique, and went out into the world as fast as they could. Things began to happen very quickly for them. They started getting calls from people all over the place.

Well, when I found them, I worked with the group to create a likeness of my Jackie, as well, as Miya and Meesha. I was very happy I did since the resemblance was uncanny of all three of them.

A Unique Dog Art

PetPrints 3D love the challenge of creating something truly unique, and giving the customer a piece of art that they can personally relate to. I was very fortunate to have my dog Jackie immortalized by PetPrints 3D. Here is Jackie’s 3D likeness:

Jackie PetPrints3D



You can meet PetPrints 3D at many of the pet shows. Make sure you drop by and have a chat with them. If you have your best friend with you, have them get to know them. The staff have become quite good at figuring out for themselves what that one special trait is of that particular dog. You will get this all confirmed when you see the unique likeness of your pet when the art has been completed.

If you have had your beloved pets likeness created by PetPrints 3D please share you pictures and stories with us. Would love to see them the real pet and the 3D pet!


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