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Are you and your family members animal lovers? What about your friends? Let them know about the No Hot Pets campaign. WOOF Now What is a Community Sponsor of No Hot Pets. We have seen what the heat can do to a dog left in a car, while the family goes into the mall only for a “short time”!


Please take the pledge not to leave pets in hot vehicles. Everyone can do their part to keep pets out of hot cars this summer!


The award-winning “No Hot Pets” campaign, created by the Ontario SPCA, aims to remind pet owners of the dangers of leaving pets unattended in a vehicle during the hot summer months.


See a Dog in a Car?  Report it!


If you spot an unattended pet in a vehicle that appears to be suffering from heat exhaustion, do not hesitate to:

• Call 310-SPCA (7722) if in Ontario

• Call your local SPCA or Humane Society

• Call your local Police



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