Miya my 3 year old little bear
A sweet heart that is always very thoughtful and gentle.

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Miya was born July 7 2011. We picked her up from Cooperslane Kennels and brought her home when she was 8 weeks old. Mother’s name was Kennedy and her father’s name was Malloy both yellow Labrador Retrievers.  Miya is the image of Kennedy and also has most of Kennedy’s qualities of being good natured and patient. However Miya had to grow into all of these qualities.

Miya and Jackie first meet

We wanted to make sure that Jackie and Miya’s first meeting was on neutral grounds. Since Jackie has been the sole dog of the family and technically this was her home. The first greeting was a large bark from Jackie when Miya tried to hang off of her as she did with her mom Kennedy. The look on Miya’s face was priceless. The stage was now set on who was in charge!

We lead them both in the yard and we watched as Miya followed Jackie around just to make sure things were going well. Well Miya continued to follow her big sister Jackie around like a shadow which proved to be great since Jackie pretty much trained Miya to go outside to pee and poo. Miya also adapted to Jackie and my schedule of walks and errands and day to day life.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Wow how perfect can things be going for Miya and Jackie!” Well hold that thought.  Miya has a bit of Marley in her. If you have ever read the story of Marley and Me you will completely understand what I’m talking about.

Miya master of escape

Let me set the stage for you. This was at the old residence that was on a ravine with not a very good fence. Miya was always hanging around at the end of the yard yearning to see what was in that ravine. Not to mention the other animals that walked by such as cats, racoons, and squirrels. I could see the look on her face wanting to know what those other animals were and how can she go and play with them.

That was when she learned to dig holes under the fence fast enough to escape to her new found freedom. Picture this puppy squeezing herself under a chain link fence. Not just in one place but many places. We had to keep tying the fence down. Placing large boards and stone to fill escape holes. When I couldn’t see her in the yard, I knew she found another way out. We started to call her our little Houdini. Well since she was still a very young pup, listening and call back skills weren’t the best. If she had any hint that she was in trouble, she ran further away! However I did have one thing up my sleeve that Miya took the bait on every time, the sound and smell of treats! Miya loves her treats. Then you can see the puppy bounding back and squeezing back into the yard! Once we moved to our new home with a proper fence and began obedience training, the little Houdini disappearing act ended.

Lesson Learned – A Fenced in Backyard

Proper fencing is a must. It not only keeps a puppy safe, but gives you peace of mind.

Living with Miya

Miya is such a joy to have around. There never is a dull moment.  She just loves eating. She loves hanging out with me in the kitchen. When she hears me pulling out things from the fridge (especially carrots) you can find her right beside me where I’m prepping our meal. She’s been known to be able to open anything from cereal boxes, to dog food drawers and dog treat boxes.  Did I say this dog loves to eat!  She also (still does on occasion) loves to eat dog poop specifically Jackies! We tried hot sauce. We tried adding something to her food. We tried more hot sauce. Jackie’s still won doggie gourmet awards for Miya. Yuck! More on dogs in kitchens and eating other dogs excrement in future blogs.

My Miya loves to cuddle.  She loves to curl up on a coach, or chair. She especially loves to curl up on my lap. Yes even at 70lbs she still climbs up on my lap! She is my daughter Stephanie’s dog. Every morning she helps to get her up for school. Every night she helps get her ready for bed. Then Miya lies down beside her while we read stories and say our goodnights. Miya stays with Stephanie after I leave to keep her company until she’s asleep.

Miya making people smile

Miya also has a great sensitive side. She has never taken anything out of my hand without completely being gentle. I take her to visit my mother who is in a long term care facility and she instinctively knows how to behave. She lays her head on my mom’s lap and allows the other residents to pet her. She always leaves them smiling. We are looking at getting Miya more involved in visiting senior homes, schools and children with special needs.  Miya is always there for my daughter Stephanie to listen to her good days and bad days.  Miya in her own right is a therapy dog. More on therapy dogs to come in future blogs.

Miya has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen on a Labrador. They are yellow as amber. When she looks at you, it’s like she looks into your soul.  My blog posts on living with your dog will begin with Miya.  I’m sure you will enjoy her “tails”, of trying to catch water splashing in the pool, to flying off walls, to chasing squirrels and to looking after Jackie, Meesha and our family.  I will also tell you about how we chose Miya as her name. When you read that story you may relate to how this dog is very similar to the dog she was named after.

Miya has many traits, and qualities with many stories come.

Welcome to Miya’s story my little bear!




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