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Meesha doesn't know how to cool down in the heat

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Summer time brings sun filled hot days. For us humans we love these days as the winter time is now just a distant memory. The more time we spend outside the better for us. The more time we can spend with our puppies and dogs outside even better. However puppies and senior dogs are especially prone to overheating not to mention specific breed types.  Since this is going to be Meesha’s first summer, she definitely does not have the wherewithal on how to keep cool!   So as her responsible owners we need to ensure that she learns how to keep cool and provide her with the necessary help to maintain coolness. This post is about how to deal with the hot weather and puppies!


Puppies, dogs, and senior dogs can get sunstroke and sunburn

Dogs and Sunburn

As with humans any area of your dog’s skin that has a thin covering of hair can be prone to sunburn. Puppies and dogs can get sunburn on their nose. If the skin on their nose is broken there is even an increased risk. Dog breeds with white hair, short hair or have just recently been groomed are more prone to sunburn.  You should keep your dog’s indoors when the sun is at its hottest. However if you find yourself outside having your pup ensure you lather their ears, groin, nose, abdomen and any other areas that have less fur than normal. Ensure that the sunscreen product is Zinc and PABA free. Try a sunscreen developed for children.

Dogs and Heatstroke

Any dog can suffer heatstroke in hot weather but for puppies and senior dogs they are much more susceptible. You will know this when your puppy pants excessively, or even collapses. If this happens you need to rush your pup to the emergency veterinary.

To help your dog you need to make sure that there is adequate shade in the garden. If you are at a park with your dog, have a seat under a big tall tree. If you find it to hot then your furry friend finds it even hotter. Take your dog inside and do not over-exercise!

When we go to the park with our dogs, depending on how long we plan to be there, we bring an extra water bottle or two for Miya and Meesha to have a drink. There are many great products for dogs to drink from like


Here is WOOF Now What’s keep puppies cool ideas

WOOF Cool Tip #1 – Provide plenty of fresh water

All dogs need to drink more water when it’s hot outside. Drinking helps them cool down. If your puppy is anything like ours, they will most likely like to play with their water bowl and dump it out. You need to keep an eye on how much water is left in the bowl. To make things even more fun, add some ice cubes to the bowl. It will help keep the water cold. No one likes drinking hot water on a hot day!

The type of bowl you use outdoors is important too. Pick a stainless steel or ceramic bowl as the plastic bowls can encourage bacterial growth in them. If you use a plastic bowl please ensure you wash it out once a day with warm sudsy water.

WOOF Cool Tip #2 – Provide a shady rest area

All dogs whether young, in between or old need a shady spot to have a snooze. If your yard doesn’t have a large shade area, you might consider getting a “pup-tent” or a build a dog house. Meesha loves playing in her doggie tunnel, but she also likes to take her afternoon and evening naps in there too.

WOOF Cool Tip #3 – Freeze a treat

There are many homemade ideas on how to create fun cool treats for your dog. Try filling an ice cube tray with plain yogurt (no artificial flavours or sweeteners) or try freezing baby food (just make sure there isn’t any onion or onion powder in it). Then offer these “pup-sicle” treats to help your dog stay cool. Meesha and Miya both love crunching on cold carrot sticks as well.

WOOF Cool Tip #4 – Get Misty and have a pool party

Meesha loves when I’m watering the garden. She loves when the spray is just misting over her and she just sits in it. We also have a swimming pool, but you can always invest in a doggie wading pool (i.e kiddie wading pool). Your pup can splash around in it. To make things more fun we have doggie float toys in our pool so our girls can practice their retrieving skills.

Note:  Make sure the water level isn’t too high for your puppy. He or she needs to be able to climb out on his own. Also, if your puppy hasn’t learned to swim yet, don’t think by throwing her in that she will automatically know how to swim. (Check out our next post on Teaching Meesha to Swim).

WOOF Cool Tip # 5 – Walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening

Most of us know that the noon sun is the hottest part of the day. So why take a chance and take your dog out for a walk. An early morning stroll would be much more pleasant listening to the birds or later in the evening after your dinner.

WOOF Cool Tip #6 – Fit your Dog with some cool technology

These days human athletes keep cool with some really neat technology such as cooling bandanas and coats. Why not use these on your dogs. Meesha has a cooling bandana that helps her on hot days. You can even purchase cooling mats for indoor or outdoor lounging at a variety of pet products outlets.


We have given you some of our WOOF Cool Tips, but here is list of WOOF Not Cool Tips!


We have read and heard many of time where an owner left their beloved pet to run into a store for something. Did you know that your car will reach a temperature of 110 degrees F within 15 minutes!!  This will cause heatstroke in a dog! See the ASPCA on Hot Weather Tips and sign up for No Hot Pets!( Please click on the titles to link to their sites.)

WOOF Not Cool Tip #2 – Do not leave your dog alone in the backyard without water and proper shade

WOOF No Cool Tip #3 – Do not over exercise your dog

We all love playing fetch and Frisbee with our puppies, but it’s safer to play outside of the hottest times raging heat times of the day.


Hot Weather and Puppies Summary

We all love spending time outdoors with our pets. But we need to ensure that our best friends or family pets have some break from the sun and heat. By using some of our cool tips and keeping in mind the no-cool tips, you will help prevent your dog/pet from suffering heatstroke or getting sunburn.

Stay cool and have a summer blast with your puppy!  We hope you enjoyed our post on how to deal with the hot weather and puppies! If you would like to add other WOOF Cool Tips please do so by typing into the below comments area.

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