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Miya and Meesha needed a new collar. There are many styles of collars for dogs these days such as fashion, sporty, leather and nylon. There are many types of collars such as chain slip collars, martingale collars, break-away collars and everyday collars just to mention a few.  I decided to try the RogzTM  Side Release Utility Collar with reflective stitching. I was looking for a collar that wouldn’t pull apart easily,  but be easily viewed at night and from the water. I was also hoping that the collar would dry easily to avoid causing hot spots around Miya or Meesha’s neck.

What RogzTM  promises

Made from strong webbing, owners can choose from ten Rogzilicious colours all with reflective stitching. The difference in their collars is the RogLocTM   , the Fort Knox of release buckles. The Low Load Technology (LLT) reduces the load on the Titanium Plastic buckles through a cleverly positioned load ring. Contoured Plastic Components which are rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every RogzTM collar fits snugly. A custom designed die cast ring (no welding) which is electroplated chrome for a tarnish free finish, provides a secure hold for the leash.

So how did the RogzTM withstand the day-to-day wear of Miya and Meesha?

WOOF Now What dog product reviews gives the RogzTM  a “PAWSITIVE” review.


Miya and Meesha have been wearing the RogzTM Utility Collar for four months now. The collar has been part of tug of wars, rolling in mud, wading thru water and just every day wear.  The collar looks just about as nice as the day it arrived at our house. I really like the RogLocTM  since it makes the buckle even more secure. The slide through the die cast ring, lessons the pull on the buckle since this is where the leash is attached.

The only little item that I would suggest RogzTM  may  want to add to their design is a separate ring to attach the dogs licenses and tags.  I found that having the tags on the large die ring was hard to get on and the tags easily pulled off.

Here is a link to the RogzTM  website. They have many other products that WOOF Now What with the help of Miya and Meesha will try out.

The RogzTM can be purchased from Amazon Rogz Collar. It retails anywhere from $8.00 to$25.00 depending on the type of collar.


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