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For the most part the dogs that end up in pounds are there for no fault of their own.  A lot of them were owned by people who were irresponsible and let them run loose and when apprehended, did not bother to claim them from the pound.  Many come in because the person that owned them either selected a breed of dog that did not suit their lifestyle, or they expected a dog to come fully trained and didn’t want to, or know how to, put the time and effort required into training their dog.  And unfortunately, many end up in a pound because they became inconvenient for their owners and the pound is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to dispose of their dog. Some end up there because their owner passed away or had a crisis and were no longer able to care for their dog.  We have seen almost every breed of dog in the pound in need of rescue…from the smallest of toy breeds to the largest of giant breeds and everything in between.  We have seen many purebreds and just as many mixed breeds.  There is no breed of dog that is exempt from being abandoned, lost or unclaimed.  We have rescued and fostered countless dogs in our years of volunteering and we have never yet encountered a “bad” dog, or one who had an issue we couldn’t work through.  Again, these dogs can’t help who they are owned by.  We at Pound Dog Rescue work to educate the public on responsible dog ownership and fully encourage and insist on applicants researching and being educated on the breed of dog they are applying for.  There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a beautiful Border Collie in the pound having been turned in because he was “too active” or a gorgeous Newfoundland Dog having been turned in because he grew “too big”.  Unfortunately these are true stories and real excuses people have used to abandon their former “best friends” at the pound. How about the black Lab who was turned in because the owner redecorated her house and he no longer matched the decor? We aren’t kidding. It happened.  So, the answer is no, not all dogs in a pound have something “wrong” with them.  Most are there because of things they have no control over, like their breed, their colour or who the person was that happened to pick them out of their respective litters at 8 weeks old.

We thank you for caring enough to consider rescue. We hope you will choose to adopt a rescue dog.  Rescue saves dog’s lives and gives dogs a second chance at finding a loving home.  And if you want to save a dog and adopt through rescue, as we like to say around here…

There ain’t nothing like a Pound Dog!!!

Drumbo, Ontario
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