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4 Legged Love is an dog placement and dog adoption agency based in Toronto (Etobicoke), operating through out Southern Ontario. Our main focus is canine companions but we attempt to help out any companion pet. Our consultants facilitate dog owners by relocating their pet into the best possible new home. We offer a loving and home-like alternative for people who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of having to part with their beloved companion and can not bear to leave him/her in a pound or humane society with a fate unknown. As well, some of our dogs come to us through volunteers at pounds who can see that a dog deserves a second chance and their lives should not be cut short due to an irresponsible owner.

How Do We Work?

4 Legged Love associates have been placing dogs from our program for close to 10 years into permanent new homes. All dogs that enter our program stay with us in private homes until they have found permanent new homes. We have a detailed screening process for those looking to place a dog in our program as well as clients looking to adopt. Our screening process allows us to take the time with each potential adoptive family to better determine and understand what type of companion they are searching for. This helps ensure the best possible match with the type of dog that would most suit their household and life style. Each adoptive family must fill out one of our Applications and be approved before being able to adopt. All our adoptions are set up with pre approved families through appointment only. This again gives us one on one time to talk with each potential adopter to be sure that the best possible match has been made to suit both family and pet. All adopters MUST sign an adoption contract that states they will care for the dog through out the duration of its life, treat the animal with compassion and respect, and should they not be able to keep the dog they return it only to 4 Legged Love and never to a pound/shelter. Our mission is to ensure the most successful matches.

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Toronto, Ontario
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  1. Susan Slater

    In February we looked after a Lhasa Apso for a guy whose mother died last year and he inherited the dog. He needed someone to look after him for two weeks. We took Jazz in and at six weeks the guy had changed his phone number and we couldn’t get in touch with him. Up until this point he was buying food for the dog. We felt sorry for him and decided to adopt him – we even gave him a new name; Buddy. We ended up adopting a kitten and he seemed happy about it; following her around, acting like a big brother. Over time, it seems like he has become jealous. He lays in the back of the kitchen or the back of the dining room and doesn’t come when called, even when it is time to go for a walk; we have to go to him. He doesn’t play with the cat and she started getting quieter so we got another kitten which seemed to get everyone in a better mood for a couple of days. Buddy just wanted to follow him around and lick his backside. One problem we have had is he decides when he wants to go pee and poo. We will step on wet carpet in the living room where he peed or will smell something and find out he pooped in the dining room or kitchen – he will even walk right in front of us and go. He deserves a good home. His owner died of cancer and I really think he misses her. We don’t know what to do as we have not had a lot of experience. We don’t want him put down which is why we are reaching out to a rescue. I think having a back yard where he can go out when he wants would be perfect for him as well as being the only animal. He spends most of his day and night sleeping. Loyal Rescue can’t help us and recommended we contact you. We hope you can help him. Thank you. Susan

    • Liz

      Hi Susan
      I’m not a rescue organization, but provide rescue organizations with advertisement on WOOF Now What site. If you haven’t already found a home for your dog, you can “click” 4 Legged Love website link or here is their direct contact information:
      General Email:

      Dog Placement Inquiries:


      I hope it all works out for everyone….Liz


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