Meesha’s first snow fall!

| | The Puppy Years

Meesha’s 4 month birthday started with a wonderful surprise, her first snowfall. My other two dogs just love the snow so when they saw those big flakes coming down they were chomping at the bit to get outside. Meesha as usual went running after Jackie and Miya, but what she found wasn’t what she expected.

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Our Golden Dogs can and should enjoy winter.

| | The Golden Years

Your senior pet may be getting slower and have arthritis, but that doesn’t mean she or he should stay at home once it starts snowing. Our senior pets benefit tremendously from regular safe exercise. During the winter season, this means we owners need to make sure our pets are ready to go outside before that door opens!

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Keeping our Dogs Winter Paws Happy and Healthy!

| | Life With Your Dog

Our winter’s can be brutal on a dog’s paws. From the cold sidewalks to the salt we put on our walk ways and roads. Our dog’s paw pads are at risk for drying, cracking, or worse! Here are some tips and products on the market that can help keep your dog’s winter paws healthy.

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