I’m lucky to have 3 dogs!
But Miya is my best friend

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My Name is Stephanie. My family owns three dogs. Jackie, Miya and little Meesha. I’m going to write about all three dogs. I think all kids should tell their stories about their best friends. No matter whether they are dogs or not. In my case I love all of my dogs, but Miya is my dog.  Miya is always with me. She wakes me up in the morning and always says good night too me. Miya sits and waits for me to do my homework and watches TV with me. Mom says Miya and I are quite alike. That Miya and I are true best friends. Miya is always there for me to tell stories too, sing songs and sometimes lets me dress her up. I’m going to write about each of my dogs and I hope you like my stories. Kids and Dogs make the best of friends!

About Stephanie

Stephanie lives in Toronto, Ontario.

5 Responses to “I’m lucky to have 3 dogs!”

  1. helen graham

    great story and pic

  2. nella

    You are lucky to have 3 dogs…………i bet you are never lonely or bored

  3. Kathy Picard

    Great stories. You and your dogs are lucky to have each other! 🙂


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