Dog of the Month | January 2015

Age: 6

Lives in: Whitby, Ontario

Breed: Goldendoodle

Special Traits: She has a big story to tell for anyone coming in the house that she knows

Here's what Alisa says about Hayley

My husband, a dog lover since childhood, my two children, and a very close friend also a life-long pet owner had for many years tried to convince me to get a dog. Then one day, out of my mouth came …”let’s get a dog”. I could hardly believe I had said it, but once the words were out, there was no turning back. So the family went on the search for the perfect dog for us. I had one condition-try and find a dog that doesn’t shed so much. After much research, the children and my husband, said, we’ve found the dog for us, a Goldendoodle, they are loyal family pets, smart, medium energy level, will stay close to you and as they don’t have dander, will shed little maybe even not at all. On the recommendation of a colleague, we contacted a breeder that coincidentally had everything we wanted, an apricot female, born just at the end of the school year. It all came together like it was meant to be. While there’s a big adjustment initially adding a puppy to your family, we can’t imagine life without her now. Her endless love, her ability to make us smile and laugh, and as our teenage daughter says, “she’s a great listener.” is why we think she’s a star

Photo Credit: The Tryon Family

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