The joys of spring – Dogs and Mud
Mud bath anyone?

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Spring walks and hikes with your dog

If your dogs are anything like mine there really is no way to keep Miya and Meesha mud-free unless they stay indoors all through spring. Since that is not an option, welcome to spring and muddy paws. The winter thaw brings with it not only the smell of spring but also that lovely sticky mud. In our dogs’ case Miya, being quite white in colour, seems to develop into a black Labrador. I think it’s also made worse by the way she walks.  It’s as if she kicks up the mud as she walks to her underbelly. Not to mention the fact she loves lying down in the mud as well. Meesha’s legs are quite a bit longer, but that doesn’t save her from being muddy as well. Now her coat is reddish so at least the mud seems to just blend in or wishful thinking on our part!!

Paw Cleaning Tip:

When there is too much mud that can’t be wiped using a dry towel, keep a bucket of warm water with your towel by the door. Before your dogs come inside, remove the dirt by dipping each paw into the water and gently wiping them dry.

Use mats:

Having washable mats for both inside and outside the door will help catch those small rocks and mud before your dog comes into the house. Having the right size mat does make a difference. The wider the area of matting, the more chance you have of every paw hitting the mat at least once.

We have a woven rope rug outside which we can easily hose off when it gets too dirty. The inside one is more decorative but our girls have been taught to sit and wait while their paws are cleaned.

A Groomer’s Tip:

Get the fur around your dog’s paws trimmed. This way the mud won’t clump or matt into your dogs paws as bad. Keep your dog’s paws and nails trimmed on a regular basis.

So enjoy the arrival of spring with your best friends. We hope these cleaning tips will help you keep the mud outside and off your best friends.

Do you have a funny dog story to share with us on dogs and mud spring adventures? Write to us and we will be sure to post them.

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